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At Creative Retirement we record many of our online presentations and make them accessible for members to view in our Member Library. Below you can sort through the topics to see what videos are currently available in our library. Become a member today in order to gain access to the video library.

Medicine in the Ancient World

Image by David Billings

Ancient Greeks and Romans had a wide range of options for healing and medical treatments. Discover the ancient understandings of the body and medicine. We will cover topics like theories of the four humours, conception of disease, various medical treatments and health regimens, and pharmacology. We will also explore the connections between divinities (such as the healing god Asclepius) and scientists (such as physicians Hippocrates and Galen), as well as look at material evidence related to medicine like doctor's tools, amulets, and votive objects.

Presenter: Heather Barkman Ph.D

In The Maelstrom

Image by Max Kukurudziak

An estimated 25,000 Ukrainians served in the Fourteenth Waffen-SS "Galicia" Division. Conflicting accounts of their reasons for enlistment and continuing accusations of wartime criminality have fuelled controversial debate for decades. Our presenter's new book, 'In The Maelstrom' addresses both its wartime experience and its postwar fate by drawing on archival research that includes interrogation records, interviews, memoirs, testimonies, and creative literature. Presenter Myroslav Shkandrij Ph.D

Winnipeg's Red Light District

Image by the blowup

One century ago, Point Douglas sex-trade workers wore kimonos instead of Spandex, worked from the home and not on the streets, and paid off private investigators instead of pimps — and it was all (somewhat) legal. But that is where the differences end and the unfortunate similarities begin. Then, like today, these sex-trade workers were often the city's most vulnerable. Some were immigrants, others were drug addicts, many were destitute. Learn about the lives of those who lived and worked in this dark corner of our city‘s history.

Roman Ruins in Tunisia

Image by Albert Gubaydullin

The Roman province of North Africa encompassed the modern-day countries of Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya. Once an enemy of Rome, the city of Carthage (modern-day Tunis) became a major Roman city during the Imperial period. In addition, Carthage was a key city for the development of Christianity in the first few centuries of the common era, as important Christian thinkers like Tertullian, Cyprian, and Augustine of Hippo were based in the city or spent significant periods of time there. Today, Tunisia has some of the most impressive Roman ruins in the world, but it is often overlooked. 



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