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The Story of Yoga

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Program Description

Embark on a captivating journey through the history of Yoga, tracing its origins in ancient India to its global significance today. This workshop offers a comprehensive exploration, covering Sanskrit Yogic terms, Yoga Mudras (hand postures), and the philosophical foundations of ancient Yogic practices. Delve into the linguistic, physical, and philosophical aspects that contribute to a holistic understanding of Yoga. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to Yoga, this immersive experience promises to deepen your connection to the roots of this ancient discipline. Join us for an enriching exploration that blends cultural insights, linguistic exploration, and philosophical teachings. SCHEDULE: Tuesday, January 16, 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM This presentation will take place online. You will receive a link to the class by email 24 hours before the presentation begins. ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Dr. Nandita Selvanathan is a biological research scientist whose work has taken her throughout India, Europe and the United Kingdom. She was born in Kashi (also known as Varanasi) – one of the oldest living cities in the world – and through both her educational and cultural background she can offer a uniquely detailed look at the customs and cuisine of her native land. As with many traditions around the globe, her informal education includes learning methods, techniques and the history of her cultural capital, which she shares through her many workshops around the province. She has travelled widely in India and loves to share her experience of many unique, historical places of this ancient country. Currently, she is developing an holistic approach toward health and well-being. She has been teaching Indian Culture and cuisine in Winnipeg for many years. Her work has been featured in the Winnipeg Free Press, and she has appeared on CBC Radio and CTV.



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