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A Medieval Whodunit

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Program Description

A Medieval Whodunit: The Assassination of the King of France's Brother On a cold, dark evening in late November 1407, on a narrow street that you can still walk along in today's Paris, the Duke of Orléans— the French King's younger brother— was brutally murdered by a gang of masked thugs who quickly disappeared into the night. News of the killing threw Parisians into a panic because Orléans was effectively the ruler of the country with his brother suffering regular bouts of schizophrenia. The question on everyone’s mind was, who was behind the ambush? Provost de Tignonville, the city's police chief, immediately launched a meticulous investigation using modern detective methods. De Tignonville soon discovered the truth, which, however, threatened not only him but the entire country, and led to years of civil war and foreign occupation that only ended with the arrival of Joan of Arc. SCHEDULE: Thursday January 25, 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM This presentation will take place online. You will receive a link to the class by email 24 hours before the presentation begins. ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Frank Nicholson has a PhD in history from the University of Toronto. Since retiring from public service ten years ago, he’s delivered numerous history courses and presentations for CRM’s "sister" organisations in Toronto, Montreal and the United Kingdom. A Francophile, Frank was inspired to tell this story by the fact that the assassination occurred just a ten-minute walk from where he and his wife spend every June in Paris.



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