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Winnipeg's Red Light District

Winnipeg's Red Light District: A History

One century ago, Point Douglas sex-trade workers wore kimonos instead of Spandex, worked from the home and not on the streets, and paid off private investigators instead of pimps — and it was all (somewhat) legal. But that is where the differences end and the unfortunate similarities begin. Back then, like today, Point Douglas residents wanted them out. Then, like today, these sex-trade workers were often the city's most vulnerable. Some were immigrants, others were drug addicts, many were destitute. Learn about the lives of those who lived and worked in this dark corner of our city‘s history.


Presenter Greg Agnew has been doing research about our city since the 1990's while trying to save the Metropolitan Theatre from the wrecking ball. He joined Heritage Winnipeg at that time and became a Board member 5 years ago. He has been speaking about Manitoba's history for over 20 years and has given over 50 presentations a year to local history lovers in organizations throughout Winnipeg. Greg loves to do research and to educate others on our fascinating past.




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