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Tracks, Traces, and Wild Places

TRACKS TRACES AND WILD PLACES: MANITOBA'S WILDLIFE Who left the tracks on the front step? Where did those fur or feathers come from? From downtown Winnipeg to the farthest forest, Manitoba is home to many wild animals. Learn to identify their signs, and how we can protect the vital habitats they depend on for survival. FortWhyte Alive outdoor educator Barret Miller will take you on the ultimate tracking adventure - without having to leave your house!


Presenter Barret Miller studied Psychology and Forestry, but more importantly grew up playing and learning in the bush around Pinawa, Manitoba. He’s built an outdoor education career, channelling his enthusiasm and love of nature into his work at FortWhyte Alive. Currently the Manager of Group Services, he plans and leads field programming, professional development in outdoor learning and sustainable development, and oversees FortWhyte Alive’s public programming.


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