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Touring Ventnor Gardens

Join master gardener Mick Manfield for this virtual visit to Ventnor Botanic Garden. This beautiful garden lies in the remarkable microclimate at the heart of the famous ‘Undercliff’ on the Isle of Wight in the UK. This unique garden is protected from the cold northerly winds by chalk downs. Indeed, it holds the warmth from its southerly aspect so well that, combined with the moderating influence of the sea, frost is rarely known. When frost does occur it is usually of short duration and not great severity. With an average rainfall of 28 inches its climate is more akin to the Mediterranean. This enables a wide variety of plants considered too tender for much of mainland Britain to be grown. The Garden is unrivalled for its collections of subtropical plants grown unprotected out of doors.

About The Presenter

Mick is an avid Master Gardener, Master Composter and Square Foot Gardening Instructor. During his recent visit to the UK he managed to visit 4 unique gardens, this presentation will feature the Ventnor Botanic Garden on the Isle of Wight.



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