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Battenberg to Mountbatten-Windsor

This is the story of a family who married well. In 1851 the Grand Duke of Hesse had a problem—his brother Alexander had married a ‘Polish orphan girl’ called Julie von Hauke. To put a better face on this, he granted her the title of Countess of Battenberg. Julie had started a family tradition of ‘marrying well’, the most famous example being the marriage of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip in 1947. But for a century before that Battenberg descendants had been busy making royal marriages across Europe. It was a tumultuous time and there was often a Battenberg in the thick of things. Come and be introduced to a family which has been summed up as “vigorous, gifted, controversial, sometimes arrogant, but never dull.”

About The Presenter

Anne Morton has been interested in 18th-century Britain for a long time. Her M.A. thesis was about the poet Alexander Pope (1688-1744). She worked for years in the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives, whose records go back to the 1670s. Other interests are storytelling and women’s history and there are wonderful stories to tell about women in 18th-century Britain.



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