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Medicine in the Ancient World

Ancient Greeks and Romans had a wide range of options for healing and medical treatments. Over three videos, we will look at some of the ancient understandings of the body and medicine. We will cover topics like theories of the four humours, conception of disease, various medical treatments and health regimens, and pharmacology. We will also explore the connections between divinities (such as the healing god Asclepius) and scientists (such as physicians Hippocrates and Galen), as well as look at material evidence related to medicine like doctor's tools, amulets, and votive objects.


Presenter, Dr. Heather Barkman was born and raised in Manitoba. After receiving her BA and MA from the University of Manitoba, she moved to Ottawa to get her PhD from the University of Ottawa with a focus on women in early Christianity. She then moved back home to Winnipeg and teaches in the Classics and Religious Studies departments at the University of Manitoba. When she's not teaching, she loves baseball, traveling, and having fun with her husband Sid and two children.


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