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How the New Testament was written

The four New Testament gospels were not the only gospels written in antiquity. In fact, early Christians wrote a large number of other gospels that didn’t make it into the canon. These incredible writings offer fascinating glimpses into some of the more unusual and diverse early Christian beliefs. Over three weeks, we will explore this diversity and read excerpts from some of the most significant non-canonical gospels, including the Gospel of Judas, the Gospel of Mary, and the Gospel of Thomas.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Dr. Heather Barkman was born and raised in Manitoba. After receiving her BA and MA from the University of Manitoba, she moved to Ottawa to get her PhD from the University of Ottawa with a focus on women in early Christianity. She then moved back home to Winnipeg and teaches in the Classics and Religious Studies departments at the University of Manitoba. When she's not teaching, she loves baseball, traveling, and having fun with her husband Sid and two children.


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