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Defence in the Arctic

In our increasingly hostile world, what defence does Canada have from international threats and what role does our presence in the arctic play. Dr. Andrea Charron will offer insight into the northernmost world of international security. She is fascinated by how the Arctic is conceived of so differently by different states and by various indigenous groups. She has a particular interest in the Arctic Council. Increasingly, her research is focused on the impact of the geographic seams of the various US combatant commands as well as the areas of operations of NORAD and NATO on the Arctic and the idea of defence and competition in the Arctic.

About The Presenter

Dr. Andrea Charron is the Director of the Centre for Defence and Security Studies and Associate Professor in Political Studies at the University of Manitoba. She has written extensively on Arctic security and continental defence issues, and regularly testifies on these subjects to parliamentary committees. She also lectures frequently at Canadian Forces College. Her recent articles and book chapters include “The Solidification of the Arctic Sovereignty Meme: Assessing Harper’s Arctic Foreign Policy”; “Beyond NORAD and Modernization to North American Defence Evolution”; “Russian National Interests and the Arctic: Foreign Policy Implications for Canada” in Canadian Foreign Policy in a Unipolar World; and “Canada, the Arctic and NORAD: Status Quo or New Ball Game?”



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