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Manitoba recognizes a shortage of skilled workers in many industries. This program sponsors Permanent Residency for immigrants under social and economic circumstances. This program is for applicants who desire to immigrate and become permanent residents to Manitoba only. The process is best used to fill long term needs for skilled workers as it can take 12 – 18 months for workers to be approved and report to the job site. 

Canada Credential Recognition Centre can manage this application process for you conveniently and efficiently by helping you meet and present all documentation requirements for the Provincial Nominee Program and subsequent Federal work visa and immigration approval.

Assessment of an eligible applicant is based upon*:

- Level of Education,
- Ability to communicate in one of Canada's Official Languages,
- Employment Experience,
- Applicant's Age,
- Arranged Employment in Manitoba
- Adaptability (family, friends in Manitoba, previous employment or     education in Manitoba)

* specifications may change

General Stream Eligibility*:

- To acquire a minimum of 55 points through the above assessment.
- Ability to provide evidence to each assessment category.
- Ability to pass medical, criminal and background checks.
- Evidence of adequate financial support for the first year of residence in Manitoba.

* specifications may change

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